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The Clever Guide to Insurance, and especially of the Insured.

By an independent person who shares good deals about insurance.

For those who are wary of the effectiveness of insurance, this clever guide will help you understand and analyze your insurance contracts, in order to receive the best possible service from your insurer. Use your insurance options that are cheap or free because it is included in certain insurance contracts. In short, save and do not be taken for pigeons. Indeed, this site lists some tips offered by some insurers but also comparators, lists and other online tools are also available to help you in your search. This will help you choose the best insurance for your needs based on your lifestyle. It remains for you to compare and choose the best at the best price guaranteed contract.

Emergency Repatriation Insurance

Emergency repatriation insurance for trips abroad. It's free if you book your flight with your credit card.
If you want to go on holiday and you decide to book a plane ticket. It is good to know that you can benefit from free repatriation insurance because most of the time, these assurances are optional, Pay and relatively expensive. Rates can vary from a few hundred to a few thousand euros depending on the length of stay, and of course, the country you go.

An example: for a stay of one month in a foreign country, repatriation insurance will cost relatively expensive, depending on the country in which you go for your holidays, there different scales and rates depending on the country in which you want to go.

Namely, if you book your flight with your credit card, insurance repatriation in case of health problems is included, free of charge. It is present in the contract of your credit card with your bank, credit card VISA simple enough. But few people know this, and many even pay an additional repatriation insurance when they already have a free but they do not know.

So rather than pay a large sum for a repatriation insurance for accidents, if I book my ticket with my credit card (VISA classic credit card, for example), I has insurance that will take all charge fees for repatriation year medical aircraft.

Few people know, and companies that will sell you an airline ticket are careful to inform you because of course, if they can make you sign a contract other extra, so paying, they are not going to géner make you checkout without informing you that you already get this type of insurance because you bought your ticket with your credit card.

So in short, if I book an airline ticket my credit card, and if during my trip I have an accident or health problem, I can be repatriated to medical plane for zero cost. And yes, this insurance is excess, but included and free, and normally repatriation medical aircraft is very very expensive if you have to pay out of pocket.

So no need to pay expensive insurance for me to repatriate in case of health concern.

This is why it is useful to know that this insurance is offered for free when you pay your plane ticket with your credit card, as in the case of emergency repatriation, while the costs will be borne by your banking organization.

Read the contract regarding the benefits of your credit card, if you do not have it, contact your bank and ask him, he will always have the included options that can save you money.

So when you go on vacation, it is imperative to pay your ticket with a credit card and not by check, bank transfer or cash.

Other Insurance Good Deals

Auto insurance
Factors to be taken into account to benefit from total protection from your insurance company, and good planning options.

Troubleshooting Auto Insurance
Made vehicle towed by a convenience store in case of breakdown up to a garage, throughout Europe, 24H / 24, for about 4 euros per month.

Deposit Insurance Auto Rental
Make a deposit when renting a vehicle. And get refunded in case of any problem (such as an accident). This is a kind of insured safety deposit. An option available with some kind of credit cards.

Insurance Cheap Flights
Do you pay your ticket in case of impediment or unable to travel.

Repatriation insurance
Emergency repatriation insurance for travel at abroad. It's free if you book your flight with your credit card. CB VISA simple enough.

Insurance Compare List
Compare different insurance companies offers to find the best contracts and the best price. Car, health, home, funeral, cash borrowing ... Compare with your insurance and put it to the test.

Insurance Revenues
Revenue in case of impossibility to work, (ex: accident). Perceive monthly income of relief.

Insurance Credits
It guaranteed the insured against the risk of non-payment of its own credit, following a financial problem, which does not allow him to repay his credit.

Insurance Lodging
While analyzing the insurance contract in order to avoid the vices of compensation procedures in case of problems. How to put all the odds on his side to be repaid in case of burglary or fire.

Credit Card Insurance Included
The credit card and its benefits free insurance formula included. Check your credit card agreement to know the insurance included.

Winter Sports Insurance
For 3 or 4 euros (or by paying with your credit card) on top of your ski pass, you can have insurance for accidents, liability, and mountain rescue station with repatriation and hospital if necessary.

List of Insurance Companies
The list of insurance companies and insurance subsidiaries.

A lawyer in the event of litigation
Avoid long procedures in case of problems. Get quick access to documents requested. Assert your rights and do not be fooled.

Insurance Companies Information
List of information sites and insurance directories. Find information, comparative, addresses, balance sheets ... insurance companies.

Definition and Insurance Basics
The basics to know about the insurer and the insured, and understanding between the two parties. The definition and basic information about the insurance. The 'to' and 'don'ts'.

Interesting information to know about insurance and options. Site written by an independent who made savings in adapting its insurance contracts to its everyday needs.