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The Clever Guide to Insurance, and especially of the Insured.

By an independent person who shares good deals about insurance.

For those who are wary of the effectiveness of insurance, this clever guide will help you understand and analyze your insurance contracts, in order to receive the best possible service from your insurer. Use your insurance options that are cheap or free because it is included in certain insurance contracts. In short, save and do not be taken for pigeons. Indeed, this site lists some tips offered by some insurers but also comparators, lists and other online tools are also available to help you in your search. This will help you choose the best insurance for your needs based on your lifestyle. It remains for you to compare and choose the best at the best price guaranteed contract.

The Credit Insurance.

What is credit insurance:
Credit insurance is intended to guarantee the insured against the risk of non-payment of its own credit, following such a dismissal (for the most part, that's how it starts that) and therefore insolvency of the insured, which would allow it or refund his credit, and being insolvent, no good can not be seized him in order to perform its repayment.

At that credit insurance is for:
The insurance of trade credit (especially short-term), that is to say, these are operations that start from a 30 to + 100 days in general.
The analysis of the assets of an estate is related to 'goods' and 'claims'. Trade credit poses risks of default due to the current situation of the credit applicant, regardless of a financial nature, in connection with the employment contract, employment and income of the latter. Insurance of commercial credits sole purpose is therefore to ensure the creditor against these potential risks, so he can receive his safe return via your repayments.

If you want to take out credit insurance to buy a property, take for example a vehicle with a value less than 8000 euros, the company (or bank) that will finance you will first ask the insurer to credit him asking to analyze your situation and your ability to repay it. This is to assess your ability to repay, and potential problems related to non-payment of credit on your part. The insurer will then analyze your situation in order to constitute the file needed for your credit application. After analysis, it emits a notice nearby your financial institution. It will be accepted (with probably a maximum loan amount) or denied.
The credit insurer will regularly monitor the progress of his client.

In the case of an unpaid due to various reasons, the company or the bank that financed you will submit the case to the credit insurer within 2 to 4 months following the date of the last payment arrears.
The credit insurer is then subrogated to the rights of the insured and may recover the debt you need by different legal means in general. This usually resolves by the sale of your property bought at auction or by a bailiff seizure justice.
After a period which can vary from 3 to 6 months following the date of submission of your application
non refund the credit insurer will compensate the insured organization related to the defined percentage between these two parts, which is generally between 60 and 90% of the total, and this on an agreement in advance by the latter 2 .

Specificity of the Lump Contracts:
-Insurance credit
-Ability To reimbursement for the credit applicant
possible -rentabilité the loan.
-fixing Rate

This is not easy to determine in general the credit insurance cost. The cost of credit insurance is of general ways determined on a case by case basis depending on the capabilities and guarantees of repayment.
Typically, you get an idea as to the assessment of the cost of the latter, which is usually between 0.05% and 1% or more.

The selection criteria for the listing of your credit insurance:
All credit insurance companies analyze the potential 'risk', which means that they accept to ensure business or individual only after a special analysis of his situation to set the rating to establish pricing necessary for this loan (this is determined by the nature of the applicant's risk to repay his credit, and therefore, are taken into account various factors such as employment, the employment contract, the applicant's creditworthiness) . This analysis of the potential risks is a fundamental aspect of credit insurance. She expressed that the insurer, firstly collects financiaires information for each of its insured customers, and secondly, to put the odds on his side to take advantage of regular repayments, and have credit guarantee for customers.

This analysis is essential to the insurer, in order to determine possible potential of default and the remedies for non-payment. So the insurance company has to put 'all the cards in his hand' to make a play on words, which simply means that the insurer does not search as zero risk, but very low risk for or loans made.

Anticipating and managing a repayment problem, preventing the risk is ensuring its future and well being.
Also you have to be vigilant and make a good analysis of everything:
Do not get entourlouper. Take a reliable insurance company and credit reputation. Make several folders in various organizations. Read the contract, including any small paragraphs that are often hidden in the back of the document or not clearly legible. Everything must be read and analyze everything. Be sure to monitor any additional costs of some possible options surcharge. While analyzing the contract and the duration of its credit. Take into account various potential factors such as dismissal, the closure of its business or any other problems that may affect your ability to repay your credit.

The three criteria for choosing the right loan insurance online

Real estate credit, banks routinely solicit the subscription of a loan insurance. Although optional, it guarantees the acceptance or refusal of credit. Three essential criteria are indeed to be considered before choosing a loan insurance.

Studying the proposed safeguards

Loan insurance is a guarantee for banks in case of non-payment by borrowers. In this sense, they and their families will find themselves also protected. Whether a "group insurance" or "insurance delegation", it must cover situations of disability and work disability of the borrower in case of accident or disease. These are the ITT guarantees, IPT and IPP. In case of death or very severe disability insurance TILA talking or total and irreversible loss of autonomy. The unemployment guarantee is not mandatory, but can be requested by the borrower.

Knowing how to calculate the amount of insurance premiums

The calculation of the amount of insurance premiums is another criterion to consider before purchasing credit insurance. To establish this amount, the insurer will submit to the borrower a questionnaire that covers their particular health condition, age, occupation, length and amount of credit or the type of project to be financed. It should complete this questionnaire and sincerely as accurately as possible for the case to be treated quickly. In case of false declaration, the contract can be canceled completely. The subject is crucial and it is better to check the opening hours assurances to learn more about these points.

Although knowing the limitations of warranty

Finally, it should carefully read the so-called "exclusions". This is a list including the terms and conditions that define the situations covered or not by the insurance contract. In addition to the "General exclusions" which are often linked to suicide risk or war, other safeguards are limitations to study carefully to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Other Insurance Good Deals

Auto insurance
Factors to be taken into account to benefit from total protection from your insurance company, and good planning options.

Troubleshooting Auto Insurance
Made vehicle towed by a convenience store in case of breakdown up to a garage, throughout Europe, 24H / 24, for about 4 euros per month.

Deposit Insurance Auto Rental
Make a deposit when renting a vehicle. And get refunded in case of any problem (such as an accident). This is a kind of insured safety deposit. An option available with some kind of credit cards.

Insurance Cheap Flights
Do you pay your ticket in case of impediment or unable to travel.

Repatriation insurance
Emergency repatriation insurance for travel at abroad. It's free if you book your flight with your credit card. CB VISA simple enough.

Insurance Compare List
Compare different insurance companies offers to find the best contracts and the best price. Car, health, home, funeral, cash borrowing ... Compare with your insurance and put it to the test.

Insurance Revenues
Revenue in case of impossibility to work, (ex: accident). Perceive monthly income of relief.

Insurance Credits
It guaranteed the insured against the risk of non-payment of its own credit, following a financial problem, which does not allow him to repay his credit.

Insurance Lodging
While analyzing the insurance contract in order to avoid the vices of compensation procedures in case of problems. How to put all the odds on his side to be repaid in case of burglary or fire.

Credit Card Insurance Included
The credit card and its benefits free insurance formula included. Check your credit card agreement to know the insurance included.

Winter Sports Insurance
For 3 or 4 euros (or by paying with your credit card) on top of your ski pass, you can have insurance for accidents, liability, and mountain rescue station with repatriation and hospital if necessary.

List of Insurance Companies
The list of insurance companies and insurance subsidiaries.

A lawyer in the event of litigation
Avoid long procedures in case of problems. Get quick access to documents requested. Assert your rights and do not be fooled.

Insurance Companies Information
List of information sites and insurance directories. Find information, comparative, addresses, balance sheets ... insurance companies.

Definition and Insurance Basics
The basics to know about the insurer and the insured, and understanding between the two parties. The definition and basic information about the insurance. The 'to' and 'don'ts'.

Interesting information to know about insurance and options. Site written by an independent who made savings in adapting its insurance contracts to its everyday needs.