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The Clever Guide to Insurance, and especially of the Insured.

By an independent person who shares good deals about insurance.

For those who are wary of the effectiveness of insurance, this clever guide will help you understand and analyze your insurance contracts, in order to receive the best possible service from your insurer. Use your insurance options that are cheap or free because it is included in certain insurance contracts. In short, save and do not be taken for pigeons. Indeed, this site lists some tips offered by some insurers but also comparators, lists and other online tools are also available to help you in your search. This will help you choose the best insurance for your needs based on your lifestyle. It remains for you to compare and choose the best at the best price guaranteed contract.

Car insurance

Vehicule or car insurance, be sure to be paid by your insurer if something goes wrong.

Do not be pigeon insurers, check if you get extra services and free in your auto insurance policy. If it's free and included in your insurance contract, enjoy.

Here are some options * covers present in many auto insurance policy (* these options vary from one company to another, please check with your insurer to be set for this), but unfortunately, many policyholders do not know.

So check your contract to see if you get these features:

-Continued An accident or breakdown, convenience store or service contact you in the hour of your call to come to servicing your vehicle, and throughout France and Europe. (see: Insurance Tips for more info)

Self-insurance value plus: in case of theft or destruction, you will be refunded the price of the new value of your car, this option may be valid for several years after the purchase of your vehicle with a full refund value or declining percentage per year.

-You Have a vehicle loan for the duration of the repairs to your vehicle if the vehicle is being repaired at an authorized workshop. Your repairs are guaranteed for 3 years. Your vehicle is checked on several security technical points. Your vehicle is returned to you cleaned inside and out.

-The Content and equipment of your vehicle can be insured: GPS, child seat, personal effects, radio ...

-You Can make you change your windshield on impact that can be repaired without replacement.

-Your Trailer or caravan is covered free liability, the nature of material or physical damage, liabilities
that they could cause in a traffic accident are supported.

-In Case of collision with another car, before completing an accident report, you have at your disposal a free consulting service for the accident report.

- You are covered for free and without additional duty when driving accompanied by the early learning and supervised driving. The driver has accompanied alongside other drivers of the driver of the Personal Guarantee.

-You Are selling or buying a vehicle? Estimate the best value. You will receive email directly and free the estimation of the car you want to buy or sell.

-The Liability coverage on your old vehicle, if you have not sold yet, is extended for free for one month for the driving test with your potential buyers.

-You Can benefit from a reduction in the price of your insurance if you do not ride a lot:
A fixed mileage rate and determined in your contract (eg 20,000 km / year)
or by a percentage of kilometers éffectués more or less a fixed mileage predefined and included in your contract (eg Base 20,000 km / year with a percentage of decreasing price if you drive less)

-In Case of an accident you can get appraise your vehicle at home

Read and understand his self contract is paramount, it can save time and money ....

Attention to your car insurance if it is based on a Km / year package. Watch your km counter.

Most of the time when you are going to make sure your vehicle you have a mileage rate not to exceed in a year.

For example, for my vehicle I am insured for 20,000 km per year and one more, if I do say 20 001 km and that I have an accident at that time my insurance does not cover the costs incurred by the latter. I would have had to call my insurance company and I informed him that I exceeded my quota of annual kilometers and at that time I would be charged a small fee, but my insurance would take care of me in case of accident.

To be covered by your insurance in case of accidents, it is already important to know if you have unlimited mileage package, or a mileage according to not exceed a year, in my case, it's 20,000km / year max.

It is important to be aware of the number of kilometers in a year because if like me you are limited to 20 000 km per year, and if you do not control your odometer, you can exceed your quota km / year quickly.

So it is important to analyze your auto insurance policy.

Other factors to be vigilant on your auto insurance covers you in case of an accident.
They could be factors that result in the cancellation of your insurance contract, so of default and no coverage in case of accident:

-Your Technical control should be updated, if the deadline is exceeded, the vehicle will not be judged compliant and suitable for public traffic by your insurer.
-The State of your tires, the dimensions of your gentes whether those shown differ from the original model may be a reason that argues that your vehicle is no longer on the manufacturer's original state, and therefore not in accordance .
Also check to avoid any challenge from your insurer:
-A Deterioration of the vehicle lights.
-The Use of a radial ply tire and another diagonal ply on the same axle is not in line with the road.
-The Towing another vehicle must be done with an approved tow bar, not a rope, it is forbidden by the rules of the road.
-The Use of flip flops or tap type of shoes to drive can be regarded as an object that can affect your ability to drive, because they may gener when you switch from the accelerator to the brake with your foot getting stuck between the pedals . (that's all beast, but it can be used to make you unfit to drive in relation to the law, and therefore your insurance, you better be providing)

Other Insurance Good Deals

Auto insurance
Factors to be taken into account to benefit from total protection from your insurance company, and good planning options.

Troubleshooting Auto Insurance
Made vehicle towed by a convenience store in case of breakdown up to a garage, throughout Europe, 24H / 24, for about 4 euros per month.

Deposit Insurance Auto Rental
Make a deposit when renting a vehicle. And get refunded in case of any problem (such as an accident). This is a kind of insured safety deposit. An option available with some kind of credit cards.

Insurance Cheap Flights
Do you pay your ticket in case of impediment or unable to travel.

Repatriation insurance
Emergency repatriation insurance for travel at abroad. It's free if you book your flight with your credit card. CB VISA simple enough.

Insurance Compare List
Compare different insurance companies offers to find the best contracts and the best price. Car, health, home, funeral, cash borrowing ... Compare with your insurance and put it to the test.

Insurance Revenues
Revenue in case of impossibility to work, (ex: accident). Perceive monthly income of relief.

Insurance Credits
It guaranteed the insured against the risk of non-payment of its own credit, following a financial problem, which does not allow him to repay his credit.

Insurance Lodging
While analyzing the insurance contract in order to avoid the vices of compensation procedures in case of problems. How to put all the odds on his side to be repaid in case of burglary or fire.

Credit Card Insurance Included
The credit card and its benefits free insurance formula included. Check your credit card agreement to know the insurance included.

Winter Sports Insurance
For 3 or 4 euros (or by paying with your credit card) on top of your ski pass, you can have insurance for accidents, liability, and mountain rescue station with repatriation and hospital if necessary.

List of Insurance Companies
The list of insurance companies and insurance subsidiaries.

A lawyer in the event of litigation
Avoid long procedures in case of problems. Get quick access to documents requested. Assert your rights and do not be fooled.

Insurance Companies Information
List of information sites and insurance directories. Find information, comparative, addresses, balance sheets ... insurance companies.

Definition and Insurance Basics
The basics to know about the insurer and the insured, and understanding between the two parties. The definition and basic information about the insurance. The 'to' and 'don'ts'.

Interesting information to know about insurance and options. Site written by an independent who made savings in adapting its insurance contracts to its everyday needs.